Business and Corporate Banking Solutions

Transform your Business and Corporate Banking Experience

We empower banks to accelerate their digital transformation and upgrade their outdated portals and banking apps into modern, digital experiences that are easy to use and result in more sales conversions and more satisfied customers. The Bantegra omni-channel digital banking platform puts you in control of your digital strategy, allowing you to create, manage and optimize the end-to-end customer experience, putting you ahead of your competition.

Move your digital banking capabilities to the next level. Bantegra offers a one-stop shop for building, running, managing and optimizing digital banking apps using state-of-the-art technology. Make the most of every customer interaction. Create personalized, cross-channel customer journeys that deliver exceptional brand experiences across all digital touchpoints.

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Bantegra helps commercial banks transform their outdated web applications into modern digital experiences that boost engagement and ensure lasting relationships with their corporate clients. The Bantegra Digital Banking Platform takes your digital channels to the next level and helps you deliver a complete customer experience that will put you ahead of the competition.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Cash & Liquidity Management


  • Real-time Liquidity Management backed up with powerful reporting.
  • Complete online reporting and analytics for Liquidity Management structures.
  • Cut operational complexity and costs with best-in-class self-service capabilities.
  • Easily integrated with existing cash management systems.
  • Powerful graphing capabilities simplify complex information to support decision making.
  • Boost customer revenues with enhanced ability to harvest up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Real-time modeling, scenarios and alerts optimize liquidity while preventing shortfalls and exposure.
  • Recommended actions and instant insights meet customer needs and build loyalty.
  • Automated payables and receivables can be scheduled to optimize cash flow.

Payment Batches


  • Batch and bulk payments, including payroll, are easily automated. 
  • Direct importing of files to the banking environment leverages the power of the customer’s ERP.
  • Fast, easy creation of manual bulk payments.
  • Enables customers to quickly and safely manage their payroll.
  • Automated batch and bulk including payroll.
  • Leverage the power of your customer’s ERP system, import files directly to the banking environment.
  • Fast, easy creation of manual bulk payments.
  • Enable customers to quickly and safely manage their payroll.
  • Support STP for clean batches and release approval when needed.

Accounts and Products Overviews


  • Aggregate balances can be viewed or downloaded as needed.
  • Clear, graphical views help to identify trends.
  • Set favourite accounts for easy, application-wide access.
  • AI intelligence provides the ability to predict customer actions.
  • Alerts where needed and simple repair actions.
  • Optimize investments in various currencies and cut exchange rate costs.

Trade Finance


  • Automated processing and export of letters or documentation, like Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee.
  • Real-time, 360 degree views of all transactions.
  • Spot, forwards and futures contracts handled in real-time with ease.
  • Connect easily to other Trade Finance parties via APIs.

Multi-User Approval


  • Customers can set thresholds for individual users.
  • Real-time information for users on every step of payment or contact workflows.
  • Personalised lists show users which items require action.
  • Comment on payments or contacts to inform next users in a workflow.
  • Easy setup in Entitlements with profi le templates.
  • An intuitive user interface allows multiple approvals and rejections in one action.
  • Mobile alerts and access to outstanding approval requests on the move.



  • Detailed access and permissions levels for all business functions, including approval levels and limits.
  • Easy reflection of organizational structure through the ability to manage company’s, accounts groups, users, and permission profiles.
  • Reduced risk by fine-tuning user’s ability to create and approve payments per type, amount or even device.

Enable Agile Delivery


Easy Customer Onboarding

Integrated Content management

  • Full multilingual and localisation support.
  • Pluggable, structured content allows for easy re-use across multiple pages and applications without duplicating or increasing the maintenance effort.

Targeted Campains

  • Track customer behavior and preferences and create targeted campaigns to increase your share of wallet.
  • Distribute campaigns across all your digital touch points.

Business Engineers

  • Streamline onboarding and self-service dialogs, all integrated with internal systems to enable straight through processing (STP).
  • Model driven development - generates modern form-based user interfaces that perform well on all digital touchpoints, mobile devices and the web.
  • Simplify and automate processes for a smooth lifecycle of a case.
  • Use visual tools to quickly build an executable model of your new application.
  • Easy integration with your existing BPM system.

Customer Support

  • Access control allows the management of user permissions and entitlements.
  • Identity access management to create, view and manage users.
  • Audit capabilities enable employees to view the audit log for a user or company.
  • Payments capabilities allow payments viewing and management on behalf of a user.

Software Engineers



· Open standards based, modern front-end widget development (HTML, JavaScript, CSS).

· Optimized and open rendering strategies for any web-based channel.

· Easy to assemble, industrialized UI building blocks (Design System-based).

· Supports both responsive and adaptive UI patterns.

· Predefined and extensible domain models.

· Industrializes integration and security patterns to communicate with any back-end.

Mobile SDK

· Create hybrid, mixed (hybrid + native) or fully native mobile apps for Android and iOS

· Mix and match HTML and native UI elements in a high performance run-time.

· Easy integration with any 3rd party mobile SDKs.

· Bank-grade security and high-performance runtime.

· Clearly defined extension points with clean APIs.

Server SDK

· An opinionated set of tools, libraries, and best practices to deliver consistent high-quality back-end services.

· Client & API code generation tools to speed up development time and align the needs of front-end and back-end services development.

· Production- and cloud-ready capabilities that are highly extensible and bank-grade secured by nature.


Bantegra Digital Banking Platform

Key Features


User Experience Management

Behind every great user experience is a smooth integration with back-end services. When customer data can be quickly sourced, frontline staff are empowered with real-time, accurate data, and customers enjoy superior self-service capabilities. Digital marketing professionals should be able to tailor the end-user’s experience, without the need to call on IT for every change. Bantegra offers a range of user-friendly tools that empower digital marketers to edit content and navigation, add widgets, update the mobile app, run digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels, and more.

A modular, flexible orchestration layer will connect and streamline existing core banking and backend systems for frictionless, personalized, omnichannel experiences. This empowers banks to deliver optimal, relevant customer journeys, reduce time to market, and ease the burden on the IT department.


Digital Banking Capabilities

To compete in a digital world, banks must offer smart digital products and services that are easily accessible over every device. Banks need a platform that supports their efforts to stay competitive by providing innovative digital excellence.

Bantegra delivers a digital banking platform that empowers banks with superior Banking-as-a-Platform capabilities. Built on a state-of-the-art microservices architecture and with API-based banking capabilities, Bantegra complements existing core banking systems. Modular architecture enables easy customization, while both classic and cloud deployment are facilitated.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management is key to ensuring access security in today’s open banking marketplace. A sophisticated entitlements solution makes this easy, by automating and managing the process of granting access rights to trusted users.

Bantegra offers a sophisticated entitlements solution that lets a bank integrate the existing entitlements system or leverage out of the box Entitlements to tailor access levels and permissions to view, create or approve transactions. Various password combinations, tokens, Integrated Multi- Factor-Authentication (MFA) and alerts strengthen and simplify access control.


Process Digitization Capabilities

Smart online forms and logical processes are key to efficient customer journeys. When they don’t work properly, abandonment increases, impacting the success of online initiatives. Smart forms and dynamic process management increase efficiency and remove manual, paper-based tasks – making life easier for both customers and employees.

Our Digital Forms simplify and streamline all customer dialogs across multiple channels, while onboarding or self-service dialogs integrate with internal systems for straight-through processing (STP). Banks can actively streamline their online customer dialogs and manage their self-service and customer enrolment processes.


Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployment powers constant feature or functionality updates, without any impact on day-to-day business. New code can be deployed thousands of times per month, and fast. Development teams can bring new capabilities to market via a highly automated platform that scales with the business. Security can also be automated, making it easier to keep pace with industry regulations and compliance standards.

The Bantegra platform supports both traditional app servers and new native cloud deployment models, enabling banks to safely make the transition from a classic deployment to a native cloud deployment, without re-engineering.

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Banks must reinvent themselves and go beyond a digital transformation to achieving a business transformation. Banks that work the digital-first banking platform properly will empower themselves to do things 10 times better. That’s how they will hold onto their customers at a time when the threat of attrition is bigger than ever.

A robust, agile digital-first banking platform will connect and empower all parts of the organization to optimize omni-channel customer journeys. It works alongside legacy systems, connecting, aligning and informing to support staff and customers.

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