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Bantegra  is an international solutions provider for the Banking and Investment Management industry. The company has presence in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa delivering innovative solutions to both start-ups and established banking & finance institutions, through direct communication or a reliable partner network.

We empower financials to accelerate their digital transformation by giving them the speed and flexibility to create and manage seamless customer experiences across any device, and deliver measurable business results. We believe that superior digital experiences are essential to stay relevant, and we partner with world leaders in financial software to enable financials to rapidly grow their digital business.

Bantegra has grown with the support, expertise and professionalism of is staff, the management team and its partners. The company is following its vision and increasing its international presence with its loyal clientele and of course its skillful personnel. Being recognised as a trustworthy partner and expert in the financial services solutions domain, our clients rest assured that our company always strives to deliver exceptional quality platforms that can be customised to suit their requirements, as these develop.

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Bantegra Omni-Channel Digital Banking solutions empower financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and effectively compete in a digital-first world. It unifies functionality from traditional core systems and new fintech capabilities into a seamless digital customer experience, drastically improving any customer channel.

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how we stand out

Omni-Channel: Customer - Centric

Today’s customers expect seamless customer journeys – anytime, any place – that are easy to use, and without friction. Bantegra helps you modernize and orchestrate all your customer touchpoints, transforming multiple siloed banking channels and legacy applications into a consistent brand experience that's easy to use and always available.

Cost-efficient: Reuse Your Systems

With Bantegra, there’s no need to replace or rebuild your core systems from scratch. Bantegra allows you to repurpose them by incorporating their content, data and functionality into a new digital customer experience layer that's optimized for easy integration with your existing business applications. This delivers a unified and seamless customer experience across any device.

Banking Platform: Out-of-the-Box

Bantegra can also deliver a modern integrated Banking platform successfully addressing the needs of global Financial Institutions as well as FinTech start-ups such as Universal Banks, Private Banks, Islamic Banks, Auto & Leasing Institutions, Peer-to-Peer Lending / Crowdfunding platforms, Alternative Banking/Finance organisations and Digital Banks.

Payments: Complete Solution

Bantegra partners with payments solution providers to deliver complete payments solutions, which support multiple networks including users, payment channels and interbank networks through secure environments for payment transactions.  We cover all major payments instruments (credit transfers, direct debits, corporate payments) and our solutions can be deployed as stand-alone or as part of your Core Banking platform. Our solutions facilitate domestic and international fund transfers, automate and monitor the full cycle of payments and efficiently ensure compliance to business workflows.

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Bantegra delivers out-of-the-box digital banking solutions optimized for retail banking, commercial banking, wealth management and insurance-specific scenarios. Kickstart your project and dramatically decrease your time to market by leveraging industry best practices and ready-to-go implementation accelerators.

Control Your Digital Strategy

Bantegra puts you in control of your digital strategy, enabling you to create, manage and optimize the end-to-end customer experience across every device. We have invested in many years of R&D to give you exactly the right editing and digital marketing tools you need to take full control of optimizing the customer experience, resulting in more sales conversions.

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