Digital Banking Solutions

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Deliver the 10x better bank with our out of the box banking solutions optimized for Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Wealth Management. 

Our solutions combine our Security, Integration, DBS, Onboarding and Origination capabilities to deliver a seamless omni-channel customer experience.

Retail Banking


Reduces time-to-market for banks and credit unions who need to accelerate their digital strategy. Puts banks and credit unions back in control of their digital strategy so they can address their customers needs directly. Empowers business owners like digital marketers to create, manage and optimize the end-to-end customer experience.

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Corporate Banking


Optimized for SME and Corporate banking. Aggregates data and functionality from multiple back-end systems for payment, cash management, FX, and accounting. Supports multi-user scenarios by leveraging existing entitlement and identity management systems, to create targeted tools for CFOs, treasurers, and AP clerks.

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Wealth Management


Gives direct insight into portfolio performance, from helicopter view down to individual transaction level. Full document and research center plus real-time stock news and custom alert tools. Safe, secure client and advisor communications via direct messaging. Means to create calculators, simulation tools, and wizards to aid financial planning and advisory.

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Open Banking Architecture


Bantegra provides an API-driven open banking platform with a robust set of digital banking capabilities that enable you to streamline superior omni-channel customer interactions. It provides the logic to enable channel specific functionality, data persistency, and cross channel / cross business services orchestration.

Open Banking Marketplace


We at Bantegra believe banks should regain control over their own digital experience. We give the opportunity to integrate best of breed apps in your digital bank. More than 50 best of breed FinTech plug-ins for security, communications, PFM, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, KYC and more. 


Bantegra Enterprise Integration Framework

Digital Banking Integration Architecture

A modern, digital banking architecture is crucial in achieving swift time to market with digital touchpoints that your customers will appreciate. However, without clear, defined integration with back-end services, customer data cannot be sourced, and the architecture is undermined.

If these back-end services are not enabled via APIs, you might be tempted to postpone your digital transformation project. You might instead focus on an expensive core transformation project that’s high risk and low value in terms of delivering tangible results to your customers.

Fortunately, with the Bantegra platform, you don’t need to do this. 

You can kick-start your digital transformation with reduced dependency on API availability. Any type of existing system can be easily integrated through Bantegra Integration Services, an Enterprise Integration Framework leveraging Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) for integration with all types of Data Services or Direct Integration patterns (e.g., HTML/API/Custom).

Back-end Agnostic

Integration Services makes the Integration APIs available to the Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Delivers the Data Abstraction Layer to cater for a loosely coupled architecture.

  • Over 80 out-of-the-box Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP).
  • Supports Data Integration and HTML/Custom Integration, covering any type of integration possibility.
  • Leverage and reuse your existing investments through Integration.

Integration Framework

Integration Services is responsible for communication between back-end systems, third-party services and front-end widgets. It brings benefits such as centralization, security, component reuse, and leverages a large number of standard Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP). Integration can be based on Data APIs, existing HTML or custom patterns.
For data integration, Integration Services provides access to a wide range of interfaces, from low-level (HTTP, FTP etc.) to high level (SOAP, REST, JMS, etc.).
When the service doesn't expose a proper API (e.g., SOAP or REST interface), a HTML or custom integration pattern is needed. Therefore the Bantegra Platform ships with the relevant capabilities to integrate with any type of underlying existing systems, or third-party systems.

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Become more agile, competitive and profitable with near real-time integration – build an open banking platform that brings multiple technologies together to meet the ever evolving needs of the customer.

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Digital On-boarding & Origination

Design and automate all your origination and self-service dialogs across multiple channels, all directly integrated with your internal systems with straight through processing. Leverage powerful dynamic case management capabilities that bring together the people and information needed to get work done completely and correctly throughout the entire lifecycle of a case.

Rule-Driven Dialogues

Without any programming, you will design intelligent, rule-driven dialogues resulting in intuitive, user-friendly and highly efficient interactions between customers and your organisation. Your customers will experience full control and will not have to answer unnecessary questions or go through process steps without the assistance of a domain expert. Of course, all input will be channelled to the appropriate systems and people within your organisation.

Single Customer View

Bantegra connects information, processes and people. The result is an integrated customer view: all available and necessary information is always up-to-date and presented to all stakeholders in a user-friendly manner. With everyone having access to the same information, collaboration efficiency and customer-friendliness will increase.

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What must banks do to remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment? With very little time to adapt, what is the smart way to take on digital onboarding and origination? What support is available to simplify and expedite the process?

Speak to us and learn the reasons why banks lag behind with digitized onboarding and origination, how they can overcome these challenges, and the opportunities that come with this seemingly impossible task.

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